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Our Services


Elegant Tailoring and Bridal offers complete tailoring and alterations services. We specialize in custom fittings, re-sizing and repairing of all types of clothes.

Prices will vary based on the complexity of each job, however you may view our standard price list below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This price list is being provided to give you a general idea of how much we charge for our services. In order to get a formal quote, you will need to bring your items in to be fitted. We reserve the right to modify these prices at any time.

Hemming (regular): $12
Hemming (cuffs): $16
Hemming with lining: $18
Keeping original hems on jeans: $18
Taper legs: $25
Waist in or out: $20 and up
Zipper replaced: $20

Jackets or Coats:
Sleeves shortened: $30 and up
Take in or out: $40 and up
Shorten bottom: $35
Raise the back neck: $35
Take in shoulder: $100

Leather Jackets:
Sleeves shortened (straight style): $35 and up
Sleeves with a cuff: $45 and up
Sleeves with zippers: $55 and up

Dress or Skirt:
Hemming (no lining): $18 and up
Hemming with lining: $25 and up
Take in: $25 and up
Raise shoulder (no sleeves): $25 and up
Replacing zipper: $30 and up

Dress Shirts:
Sleeves shorten: $20
Take in sides: $20
Shorten bottom: $12

Bridesmaid Dresses:
Take in sides: $50 and up
Hemming bottom (depends on how many layers and fullness): $35 and up
Raise shoulder (no sleeves): $25 and up

Bridal Gowns:
Take in sides (depends on how many layers are underneath): $75 and up
Hemming bottom (depends on how much work is involved): $180 and up
Steam gown (if not purchased from our store): $30 and up
Bustle train: $20 and up

NOTE: There are so many different styles of wedding gowns that it is impossible for us to give exact price on the work. For an exact quote we would have to see the gown.